How was the restoration plan developed and how was the community engaged?
The restoration plan was developed with a professional landscape architectural company, the City of Detroit Parks & Recreation along with General Services, as well as input from residents.  The People for Palmer Park (PFPP) held three (3) park design charettes and two (2) community meetings to share the plan, adjust with feedback and to gain support. Last fall, 2011, PFPP, with the City of Detroit, has adopted the park to implement the improvements via the 25 year sustainable plan.

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What will happen when all those fruit trees start producing fruit?  We don’t want to increase the rodent population!
Excellent question!  The first phase of our sustaining restoration plan is to create projects that will generate resources for the park, including funding from sales of the fruit to local farmers’ markets and restaurants. People for Palmer Park will maintain the trees and ensure no fruit is wasted to decay on the ground! Any funds generated will go back into the maintenance of the park and to providing recreational programming.
What happens with all the trees removed?
Another good question!  As stated, to be a sustaining park, we will reuse and recycle every item of the park — including the dead, decaying or infested trees.  Some trees have been chipped to mulch the trails, while other will be used to create new “way-findingsigns, park benches, and more.
How can I keep up with the changes happening in the park?
You can track our progress by visiting this website, our Facebook page (People for Palmer Park), or visiting one of the four (4) informational kiosks that we will have in the park as of August 2012.
Will the pool be opened this summer?
As of today, we do not expect the pool to open due to severe vandalism of the building and its fixtures.  As we learn more about repair costs, we will update the community.

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