Senator Palmer: A Modern Day Mystic

Senator Palmer:
A Modern Day Mystic

By Jim Meyers

Mr. Palmer was a Modern Day Mystic, a known Mason who early on in life transcended to the 33rd degree by successfully passing the ‘Stone Block Test’ in the lodge room of his Order. He was bestowed the title of ‘Honorary Guardian of the Light’ by the House of Masonry, which still serves in Quebec City. Known as “The Sage of the Log Cabin,” numerous narrative reports can be found of the mystic discussions and ceremonies that were once held at the Log Cabin that still stands today.

One of my favorite historic quotes about the man is as follows:

“Senator Palmer holds the view that Heaven is on earth to all who know how to make a Heaven of the earthly life. He thinks that a man’s spiritual life is progressive and continues to grow after it passes out of the animal body, and that the further advanced it is when transition takes place the higher will be its starting point in the spirit world. Hence it follows that the time spent in cultivating and building up the spiritual life while on earth will not be lost.”

Souvenir History of Palmer Park, Detroit, Michigan, and Sketch of Hon.Thomas W. Palmer, Sage of Log Cabin Farm, by Crocket McElroy, 1908.

“Asked what his motive was in donating Palmer Park to the people of Detroit,” writes author Crocket McElroy in the Souvenir History of Palmer Park, “His answer was: ‘The good of everybody.’”

Palmer is an inspiration and thus an important motive for working to transform Palmer Park and the City of Detroit.

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