Tai Chi


Tuesday, 7-8 pm, Pontchartrain @ 7 Mile

T’ai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits. Medical research has found evidence that t’ai chi is helpful for improving balance and for general psychological health.

People For Palmer Park is excited to bring this FREE t’ai chi class back to the Palmer Park community for its second year. T’ai chi instructor Peter Guenther was very generous in teaching our classes last year, pro bono, and has agreed to teach again this year!

Peter Guenther teaches three 6-week sessions starting May 6 and going through September 2. The sessions meet at Palmer Park at 7 Mile and Pontchartrain. Come dressed to move! All levels welcome to join us.

To get the most out of this practice, try to attend the entire six weeks rather than a single class.

Session A: 5/6 – 6/10 (6 weeks)
Session B: 6/17 – 7/22 (6 weeks)
Session C: 7/29 – 9/2 (6 weeks)

You can start at the beginning of any one — you don’t have to do the previous six week session(s) to do the next ones.

We hope you will take advantage of this free class with many physical and mental health benefits!

Here’s an article about the lineage of the version of taijiquan (T’ai Chi) we practice: http://ymaa.com/articles/ymaa-taijiquan-lineage Our teacher, Peter,  learned this form from several students of Dr. Yang, both locally and in Boston, including a couple seminars with Dr. Yang himself.


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