Suspicious Tree Cutting in the Forest

Suspicious Tree Cutting in the Forest

As you may know, we closely monitor all activities in the park, and have recently discovered some suspicious tree cutting deep in the forest. Recently, one of our board members discovered a rare shagbark hickory tree, which just days ago was a perfectly healthy tree, cut down laying on its side deep in the forest. The tree was on a trail that begins at the pool parking lot, and traverses east/west out towards Woodward. We suspect that whoever sawed down this tree may return to remove it from the park.

This tree is a rare specimen in Palmer Park, and this particular tree was approximately 150 years old, about 60 feet tall, and one that produces a very expensive wood used in veneers; this wood could be worth close to $5000. It was only one of three such trees in the park! If you live near, care about the park, about trees, nature, please keep your eyes open to help us save our trees and our park. Please share this info with other tree and park lovers.
• If you live near the park, make sure the residents of your neighborhood are aware of this activity and ask them to watch for any movement of trees on main roads in our area;
• Please advise your private security patrols to watch for the same activity; 
• Please encourage your neighbors to walk the trails and report any suspicious activities to the People for Palmer Park through our website. If you see something suspicious, email us at or call us at 313-757-2751. Please call 911. Please note, the People for Palmer Park is not  cutting down or removing any trees from the park. We have only on occasion moved dead or fallen trees from blocking the trails to allow for walkers, runners, bikers to pass through. And, our organization would NEVER cut a perfectly healthy, rare tree in the park.

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